"Parker Bark has been supplying our team with superior quality potting bark for numerous years now in an accommodating and prompt manner. Their top quality product is obviously their most advantageous factor, but their personable and professional staff gives a “neighborly” feel and gives our team the confidence we need so that our orders are met, time after time. We never have to worry about voicemail; we’re always answered by a courteous and knowledgeable staff member with every call."

Michele Hall Kennedy, Office Manager
Carroll's Plant Center
Benson, NC

"As a locally owned and operated Garden Center, offering retail plants and mulch, we have been nothing short of "satisfied," with Parker Bark Company and their exceptional products. We get gracious personable service with select products and timely deliveries with each and every order."

Daniel Casey, President
Casey Garden Center
Goldsboro, NC


"Sands & Soils has recently started doing business with Parker Bark Company, and we’re happy to say that we have been completely satisfied with their premium products, as well as their friendly and competent customer service. They know us on a personal basis when we call and always follow up, leaving us confident that our order will be correct and delivered timely."

Bonnie Biggs
Sands & Soils, Durham, NC

"We have been purchasing a custom blend from Parker Bark Company for our container operation for numerous years and have always been happy with their superior product and courteous and knowledgeable staff. Overall, they give excellent service and excellent products."Lee Casey Casey Nursery, Inc. Goldsboro, NC